Pixy House Christmas Count Down

Pixy House Christmas Count Down



This year is the first year my daughter will start to understand and appreciate the excitement of Christmas, so we are going to be using an advent calendar to count down the days until Santa arrives.  


Young children find it difficult to understand the concept of days and time, so having a calendar to count down each day is a more tangible way for them to understand exactly how long it will take until Christmas arrives.  It gives them short term goals and adding in extra treats and activities along the way helps to distract them a little bit too.  It also helps to build the excitement! 


I will be posting up here each week with ideas on how we will be using our advent calendar to get into the Christmas spirit as well as using this as a teaching tool to try and explain to my daughter what Christmas means to our family.  


Here is what we will be doing in the first week of December:


25 Days Until Christmas

On November 30th, I will be letting my daughter unwrap the most beautiful advent calendar I have set eyes on.  It is the Pixy House Advent Calendar by Maileg.  This will be part of a tradition we will do each year.


The pixy wakes up each night and wraps up a special present and puts it inside his wardrobe door (or draws under his bed).  He then writes down on the blackboard door how many days are left until Santa arrives.  Watch the movie below - it is so adorable.



Maileg Pixy House | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au

You can find the Pixy House here.  


24 Days until Christmas

The pixy has left a little note inside his wardrobe to let my daughter know that today we will be putting up our Christmas tree.


We live in a small apartment, so putting up a Christmas tree with a 2 year old is going to be challenging.  We will be doing something a little different to most this year.  I have got the Pony Rider Festive Tree Wall Banner which will be going up instead of a traditional tree.  

Pony Rider Festive Wall Banner

We got ours from our lovely local shop The Woodsfolk - the link to the banner is here.  I love shopping locally and this place is the best!


Last year was a similar situation with a mobile 1 year old, so we did a washi tape tree.  Here are some examples here, here and here.


23 Days until Christmas

The pixy is going to leave a little note to tell us to watch the Polar Express movie today and he will also be leaving a small package of some chocolate chip cookies to eat while we watch it.


Do you have any other good Christmas movies you could suggest for us to watch later on this month?  Let us know in the comments below!


22 Days until Christmas

A note will be left from the pixy to tell us to look under the Christmas tree - there is a special package waiting to be unwrapped - its a book called 'What Do You Wish For' by Jane Goodwin & Anna Walker. 

What Do You Wish For Book by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker

We got ours from Readings, such a great book shop and they have written a lovely review about it here.


21 Days until Christmas

A special little package will be wrapped up and placed inside the pixy's wardrobe - a special Christmas stocking just for my little girl.  

Stitch and Shadow Christmas Stocking | Wild & Whimsical Things Blog www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au

We were lucky enough to snap up the most beautiful hand made stocking by the talented Stitches and Shadow.  


Kacie is so clever with her creations and you should definitely be following her Instagram account and keeping an eye out for when she opens her shop again - she is about to be a mummy again soon, so that is why the shop is closed ;) 


20 Days until Christmas

Supplies will be left inside the wardrobe and draws by the pixy with a special note to start making Christmas cards to send out to friends and family.  I am going to try and get my daughter to add a thumb print on the inside of each card and draw a little face or some antlers to it to make it a Christmas creation.


19 Days until Christmas

A note will be left with some instructions and materials to start making some decorations for our Christmas tree.  


We love the Mr Printables website for all things crafty and giving us inspiration for things to make at home.  Including these lovely paper decorations that we will be using for our tree this Christmas.  Find the printable templates on there blog here.


Mr Printables Sewing Patterns Mr Printables Easy Sewing Pattern

Images from Mr Printables website.


How are you planning on counting down until Christmas Day?  Do you have any traditions that you loved doing as a child that you will be starting with your own family?


I would love to know if you have any more suggestions of books or movies - I have a two year old, so something that would be good for this age group ;)


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