Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Countdown: Week 2

Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down
If you have been following along from last week, you may know that we will be counting down to Christmas day with our Pixy House in the Wild & Whimsical Things household.  
If you are new, hi!  Please read along and we would love it if you wanted to share with us all how you plan on building the excitement and getting into the festive season by commenting below.

18 Days until Christmas

I work on Monday's, so today the Pixy will take it easy on Mummy and leave a wonderful book for us to read.  We are hoping to grab this one after seeing it in the lovely Instagram account of Thirteen Red Shoes Book Emporium (you can find her at @thirteenredshoesbookemporium).


Dick Bruna's The Christmas Book


17 Days until Christmas

The Pixy is going to leave a little note from the Jolly man himself inviting my daughter to come and see him today in the city.  We will go and check out the Christmas windows too (although last year I just couldn't handle the crowd and ended up leaving after waiting in line for 40 minutes!).


16 Days until Christmas

Some materials have been left by the Pixy with some instructions to make Daddy a present.  


I'm pretty sure Daddy doesn't read this blog, so I am pretty safe in telling you all what we are going to make.  He has a love for listening to music and has some super special speakers next to his computer.  They are currently sitting on these hideous styrofoam blocks which are soaked with spilt coffee from over 6 months ago!  So we are grabbing some blocks of wood and my daughter is going to go crazy with some paint to dress them up.  I will post an image of what they look like when we are done.


15 Days until Christmas

The Pixy is going to leave a cute little cactus as a present so my daughter can learn to help care for and look after it.  I made a cute little pot plant holder for it from a blog post from Bru DIY, you can find the link here.

Bru DIY Blog Post - Maceta Gatuna

Image from Blu DIY blog - http://www.brudiy.com


14 Days until Christmas

The Christmas Pixy will be leaving a coupon to redeem some fish & chips for dinner and a Christmas movie for tonight.  My daughter thinks this is the most special treat (as we rarely do it).  I would love your suggestions of what Christmas movies you would recommend for an almost 2.5 year old, I was thinking of Elf, but I think she might be a little too young for it. 


13 Days until Christmas

Some cookie cutters and a recipe for some star iced jumbles will be left by the Pixy in his little wardrobe.  I hear Bill Granger has a great recipe.  Anyone else have a good recipe they can point me towards?  Hoping these will turn out well enough for some Christmas gifts.


We would love to know what you are planning for your advent calendars, or if you have any other good movie and book ideas.  If you are wondering where you can find this cute little Pixy Room - they are over here.

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