Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down: Week 3

Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down:  Week 3 | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


So if you have followed along from our last two weeks, you will know that we are counting down the days to Christmas here at Wild & Whimsical Things head quarters (a.k.a. home) with the beautiful Maileg Pixy House.


In real time, we have just kicked off our first week (week one) and I must say, it really requires a well organised mama to do this!  We may have had to switch around some of our plans, but hoping we are back on track next week.


So lets bring on ideas for Week 3:


12 Days until Christmas


If you have read the last two already, I have a confession, I made a wee bit of a mistake in my late night typing and went to 13 Days and then started counting back up to 14 Days!  So this might seem like a repeat, but it is just a correction ;)


Little Penny Pixy (she has been named Penny by my daughter now) is going to leave a little note to tell my daughter that she needs help providing gifts for others that aren't as fortunate as she is this Christmas.  So we are going through our toys and donating all the things we no longer need.  We are also heading to our local toy shop and picking something to donate under the Kmart Wishing Tree.


If you haven't heard about the Kmart Wishing Tree appeal, you should definitely check it out and think about making a small purchase that will bring lots of smiles and happiness.


11 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy is going to leave a note to tell my daughter to write a letter to Santa, we don't want to leave it too late!  I used good old Pinterest to have a look around for something a little more modern and not so cutesy and found a couple of really good free templates.

Wink Designs Santa Letter

Wink Design have this beautiful one which you can download here for free.


Catch My Party Blog Santa Letter by Serendipity Soiree

Or this one from the Catch My Party Blog from Serendipity Soiree that you can download here.


Have you found any good templates (or have you created your own you would like to share?).


10 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy is leaving a recipe and a request to make some rocky road and salted caramels to give out as Christmas gifts to her childcare and also for Mummy's work (at my other Job).  I am yet to source a great recipe for these, so please hit me up with some.  I love things like Turkish delights in rocky road, so if you have something with that in it, please let me know!


9 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy thinks that the tree needs a few more decorations, including a beautiful star for the tree - just to make sure that Santa knows exactly where to put the presents.  There are some instructions on how to make a wire star and then cover it with some pretty Liberty print fabric.  Fingers crossed this works as well as it does inside my head!


Here is some of the inspiration I have been looking at on my Pinterest board.



8 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy hasn't really left any treats in her wardrobe, we have mainly been focusing on 'doing' things.  But she thinks my daughter has been extra good this year, so today, there will be a little treat.  Something I know she will LOVE as she has been pointing it out every time we see it in the shop.

Budgie from The Woodsfolk

This cute guy comes from the great people over at Down to the Woods and Penny Pixy picked him up from The Woodsfolk here.  Her Aunty has a parrot that is slightly similar called Dickens, so no doubt, this little birdy is going to be named Dickens.


7 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy is leaving a little note to let my daughter know that tonight, we will go on a special adventure and go looking for Christmas lights (and maybe we might take some treats with us in the car too!).  We haven't done this yet in Melbourne - any Inner East siders have any good suggestions of places to visit (happy to drive somewhere though, if it is worth it!).


6 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy likes looking out for the whole family and today is our grocery shopping day, so she is going to ask my daughter to help pick out some meals for Christmas day - we are doing a lunch with a friend who will be holidaying in the same area as us this year.  Do you have any go to recipes/books?  We usually check out Donna Hay, but I would love to know if there are any other recommendations.



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