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Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft |



I must admit, I have been a little bit of a Valentine's Day grinch in the past.  I wasn't always like this, but as you start to grow and develop into real life, sometimes things that are not necessary fall to the the way side.  Like celebrating Valentine's Day.  


Recently, I have been thinking more about this day since my daughter was born because I want her to meet someone one day that thinks that she is their world and will go the ends of the earth to show her just how much she means to them.  I believe that modelling this behaviour in our home environment - that if she see's her Dad and Mum showing how they value and appreciate each other, that this will hopefully be a quality that she will look for in a partner in the future.


So as a family we decided to celebrate this day together - to show each other how much we all love one another and that we are all special and valued.  We will be doing a picnic lunch, some small gifts - handmade and/or bought ones, chocolate and some foraged flowers while enjoying each other's company.


I also want my daughter to be able to express her feelings and let other people know that she appreciates them - whether that be for their friendship or teaching her new experiences and skills at childcare.  So I have created a little craft for us to do together, to hand out to her childcare teachers and close friends, just to say thank you for all of the love and caring that they show towards her and to show a little of that back.  


I also want to thank you all for your love of this little shop of mine and share our little Valentine's Day craft with you. 


Valentine's Day Craft Activity

Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft |


  • Printer
  • A4 Cardstock paper - colour of your choice.  We used Kraft brown.
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Glue
  • small wrapped chocolates.  We used Haigh's milk chocolate love hearts.


Step 1:  Download the bunny and rabbit template here.  Once you click on the link, the download will start.  Print it out and make sure you select the landscape mode if your printer doesn't do this automatically.  We used Kraft cardstock so that the cut outs are a little firmer.

 Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft |


Step 2:  Cut out around the black outlines - ensure an adult does this for smaller children and always take care with scissors.  


Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft |


Step 3:  Colour in your bunny and rabbit to give it a little pop of colour.  Write a cute little Valentine's day message on the back.  

Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft |


Step 4:  Place a small dot of glue on the center of each bunny or rabbit's chest.  Then place a small wrapped chocolate in the centre of the rabbit or bunny's chest.


Step 5:  Fold the rabbit or bunny's arms over the chocolate so that it is cuddling the chocolate.  Put a small dot of glue on the bottom arm and press the top arm over so that it glues them together.  Wait for it to dry.  


Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft | & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft |

Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft | & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Craft |


Step 6:  Gift this cute little bunny and rabbit to your Valentine's Day sweethearts.  


I hope you all have fun with this craft and we would love feedback from you - did you love it?  Do you want to see more of these crafts here on the blog?


We would love to see you playing and making our creations over on our Instagram and Facebook account - make sure you come and check us out over there.  Use the hashtag #wildandwhimsicalthingsartsandcrafts so we can see them all.


**This craft activity is for personal use only.  If you repost these images, please ensure that you credit Wild & Whimsical Things as the creator of this download and images.**


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