Christmas Advent Calendar Plans


2017 Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas


Christmas 2017 Advent Calendar


We have been super busy this Christmas, all thanks to everyone's lovely orders coming through, but I didn't want to miss out on sharing what we are doing with our Pixy House calendar to count down the days until Santa arrives.  


Here is a quick sneak peek of what we have planned this year.  

2017 Pixy House Advent Calendar Plan



1st - Put up the Christmas Tree.  We don't have a lot of space where we live, so we have been using the Pony Rider tree banner with some sparkly lights.  

2nd - Small gift (we used a These Little Treasures pixie)

3rd - Make some ornaments for the Christmas Tree.  Head on over to our Pinterest Board for some Christmas inspiration here.

4th - Write Santa's letter. 

We are using this beautiful kit from Mr Boddington (but I think we might miss the cut off for getting a letter back).  But I already have this sorted and also organised a Santa's Red Letter, which was meant to be another item in the Pixy House countdown, but I didn't communicate this with Mr Wild & Whimsical Things and he gave it to our daughter before I got home.  It is still the best one out there though.  

5th - Visit Santa and see the Myer Christmas windows.  

6th - Make some Christmas Cards to send to family and friends

7th - Add a Christmas book to our collection.  This year I couldn't go past the Last Stop on the Reindeer Express.  

8th - a little chocolate treat.  Chocolate treats a rarity in our house, so I'm sure this will be more exciting than most other things on this list.

9th - Make gift tags for gifts.  I'm going to hunt down a salt dough recipe and we will make some personalised gift tags for wrapping up our presents.  

10th - Today we will go through our toys and donate those that haven't been played with for a while or that don't provide a big play value.  We always have a discussion about sharing the opportunities that we are privileged to have and eventually we can convince this process to be a little less painless for a 4-year-old.   

11th - Today is the day Mr Wild & Whimsical Things has off with our daughter, so they are going for a special babyccino and play at the park (hopefully the weather is ok in Melbourne for this...might need a plan B).  

12th - We are heading into a special work Christmas lunch which always involves a game of stealing Santa.  Eloise will likely stuff her face with all the delicious food that our Physiotherapy department always makes (seriously, we are the best bakers and makers of delicious shared food). 

13th - Make a Christmas garland.  I love the idea of making a dried orange fruit garland but have never made one before, I would love some tips!

14th - Special cookie (because I will have heaps of leftover cookies from the Cookie swap I'm going to here, I went last year and it was the BEST).

15th - Heading out to see the local Christmas lights.  It will be a late night, so we planned this on a Friday night so we can sleep in on Saturday.

16th - I got some tickets a while ago to head to the Storytime Ballet: Sleeping Beauty.  It has been my dream to have someone to go to the ballet with and I hope Eloise will love it.  And today is the day we will see it.

17th - Heading out to see a movie in the city as a family.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking Ferdinand.

18th - A little treat or a chocolate.  I usually can't go past the chocolate pops from Koko Black.  Best chocolate ever!  Although I recently discovered Monsieur Truffe and it is amazing.  I think Eloise needs to experience it too.  

19th - Bake gingerbread cookies (which will also be treats for work colleagues).  I usually put together a little kit with some cookie cutters, icing and recipe card in the Pixy house.  Last year it was a huge hit and who doesn't love the smell of gingerbread around Christmas time. 

20th - Make gifts for childcare carers.  Still need to work on this one.

21st - A book.  I have a few saved aside, but I'm totally crushing on the new Oliver Jeffers book Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth.

22nd - Christmas movie with a huge bag of popcorn.  I'm hoping to convince Eloise to watch Miracle on 34th Street, but we may need to find a backup as currently, she will only watch cartoon based movies.

23rd - Heading into the rehearsal night for the Christmas Carols.

24th - Chrismas pjs from G.Nancy.  They are amazing, best ones yet.  We are a huge fan of these pj's, so comfy, get softer with each wash and last a few years.  

25th - open Santa's presents!  Looking for ideas on what to get?  I will do a post later this week of what is heading underneath our tree this year.








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