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Hi there < insert wave emoji >.  That was long overdue!


Wild and Whimsical Things has been open for 5 weeks and I was planning on having an introduction ready to go when we launched the store, but…well, I don’t really have a good enough excuse other than, life.


Adrian Munro, Owner of Wild & Whimsical Things | www.wildanwhimsicalthings.com.au 

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself, Adrian, the owner behind Wild and Whimsical Things.  I also want to let you in on my hopes and dreams for this little store of mine and what I am hoping to achieve with this blog.  Firstly, let me say that English was not my strong point in high school, so I apologise in advance for all of my grammatical and spelling errors and hopefully I don’t bore you to tears!  Please bear with me while I navigate the world of blogging and figure out my rhythm and writing style :)


Before I go into why Wild and Whimsical Things was started, I will back track quite a few years and let you in on a few details about me.  I am a trained paediatric Physiotherapist and have been working in the field of Paediatrics for almost nine and a half years (wow, that makes me feel a little older than I thought I was!).  I L O V E it!  It’s a very rewarding career and guess what?  I get to play games ALL day (well actually not all day, but close to it).  Plus there are all those cute kiddos to hang out with all day and I get to meet amazing people and families.


I LOVE Toys - Wild & Whimsical Things Blog | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au/blog


You might also guess that I love toys.  I do.  I was still playing Barbies when my friends were more concerned about what boys liked them at school and what clothes they should wear to the movies (I have never said that out aloud to anyone).  I loved to colour in, draw, create and make things.  I dreamed of being a toy maker or a childcare teacher so that I could play with toys all day. 


So fast forward to August 2013 and I find myself at home on maternity leave with a beautiful little girl.  I went straight from school to University, to a Masters degree and then into full time work and now I had endless days (and nights) ahead of me with no real goal or structure in place.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved staying home (and would totally do it full time if money grew on trees), but I like working on something, having goals to work on that didn’t revolve around having the house clean and dinner ready (thank god for a house cleaning and food prepping husband!).


I was also frustrated about trying to find toys for my daughter (because as you now know, I’m obsessed with toys).  I wanted high quality toys that would last many years of play (because money doesn’t grow on trees) AND looked beautiful.  I wanted them to be environmentally friendly where possible and be socially conscious (not be manufactured in unfair work practices).  It was really hard finding all of these qualities.  I was finding that I had to shop around at 10 different stores, just to get what I would consider the toy basics.  This is where Wild and Whimsical Things came in.


I hope to build Wild and Whimsical Things into a magical wonderland filled with beautiful toys across the age ranges that stimulates imaginative and creative play.  I want to have a large range of the best quality, beautiful and unique toys from around the world that focuses on supporting our environment and the people who create them.  We hope to support other small businesses, help other mothers have the dream of working from home and watching their children grow up.  Plus, I want to play with all the cute toys!


Coming from a health background in child development, I understand how important play is in the development of many skills that help to build happy and healthy teenagers and adults.  I also keep this knowledge in mind when sourcing my products and want to pass this knowledge on to everyone that becomes a part of the Wild and Whimsical Things community.  You will find useful bits of information about how the products can help build and enhance certain child development skills (just click on the Skill Development tab on each product). We also have an icon key which highlights the main areas of child development that play can enhance - we hope that this makes your shopping with Wild and Whimsical Things easier. 


Wild & Whimsical Things Icon Key | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


Awareness of how skills can be developed leads to more purposeful play and gives parents ideas on how they can build and foster this further (particularly if your child is experiencing some difficulties).  I am hoping that this blog can help build on these ideas, by creating a community where people can share thoughts on enhancing child development skills through play. Do you have some great indoor games that keeps your little ones entertained?  Share them with us - either here, on Facebook or even on Instagram.  I also hope to have blog posts on typical childhood development and ways to help at each stage. 


I do want to make it clear though that I am not here to give you Physiotherapy specific advice in relation to issues your child may have been diagnosed with - it is important that you seek individualised medical and health advice by your local therapists and doctors.  Any information I provide is about how to promote and foster normal development to ensure your child can reach their full potential.


The other things to expect from this blog is information about restock of popular products, openings of preorders for hard to get products and what new brands are coming to our store.  I am also hoping to collaborate with other health professionals in the field of childhood health to give you some tips on childhood mental health, nutritious eating options for kids, school based issues such as handwriting, informative posts on common childhood conditions and many more.  But most importantly, I also want to know what you are looking for. 


Ok, so that was a rather lengthy introduction!  Hopefully you have made it to this point, which is great, because I would love to know more about you.  Tell me about yourself below and if you have any burning questions you would like to know :)


Have a magical day.


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