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Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down: Week 4 2

Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down:  Week 4 | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au

Image by Rebecca - Thirteen Red Shoes


This is the last instalment of our Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down using the Maileg Pixy Advent calendar.  If you have been following along, I would love to hear from you - I really, really need some recipe inspiration ;)


I just want to take a moment and thank the lovely Rebecca from Thirtheen Red Shoes who took this image of our Pixy House with the mouse tooth fairy.  Thank you Bec, it looks amazing (and saved me when I didn't have time to take an image this week).


5 Days Until Christmas


We are going to be sharing Christmas day with some very lovely friends of ours as we decided not to fly up the coast to where both of our families are this holiday (it is our first Christmas with Wild & Whimsical Things and need to hold down the forte for the crazy season).  


Penny Pixy is going to leave some pretty paper and some instructions on how to make some Bon Bons to use at lunch time with some cute little gifts for our girls and some yummy chocolates for the adults (I hope you're not reading this Shannon).  


Here is some inspiration I found on Pinterest:


Mr Printables Christmas Faces Crackers

This one is from Mr Printables - one of the best websites for crafty paper projects.  The link to these cute crackers is here.


Oh Happy Day Christmas Crackers DIY

These pretty ones are from Oh Happy Day, which literally makes me happy every time I visit this blog.  So many pretty and colourful things.  You can find the tutorial for these here.


4 Days Until Christmas


Little Penny Pixy wants Eloise to start a new family tradition - we sort of did it last year, but this year will be the offical start.  She is going to leave a very special ornament for Eloise to keep and put away safely in a little box until she is a big girl.  


I got this idea from the gorgeous Ashley over at Piper and Poppies.  If you haven't already been following along her Instagram account or her blog, you are missing out.  It describes what childhood should be like in photo form.  Can't get enough!  Here Instagram account is @piperandpoppies and you can find her blog here.


3 Days Until Christmas


Penny Pixy has one more Christmas Craft - she wants my daughter to try and make some salt dough Christmas ornaments to give out on Christmas day to her little friend and their family.  Pinterest is flooding my feed with all of these beautiful DIYs, but do you have any good tried and recommended recipes?  I can completely see our effort being one of those 'Nailed It' memes!


2 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy will leave a note for my daughter to head to a very special event tonight - the rehearsals for the Carols by Candlelight event.  Has anyone been in previous years?  Any tips on what time we should try and nab a picnic spot and what we should bring for comfort?  Last time I went to the Myer music bowl to watch a free ballet event, my legs went numb from sitting on the hard ground for so long.


1 Day until Christmas!


Another tradition that we have started since my daughter was born, is giving new Christmas pyjamas, which have always been a pair of G.Nancy star pjs.  So Penny pixy will be leaving a wrapped up pair of the pink ones we managed to score before they sold out.  You can see some of their other great range here.


g.nancy rose star shortie pjs


Christmas Day

Penny Pixy has left a little note to let my daughter know where her present from Santa is, in a cryptic message (that 2 year will hopefully understand).  


My husband's family had a tradition where their Santa present was hidden somewhere and they had to collect clues along the way to find out the final hiding spot.  They did this up until 8 years ago!  It was pretty funny watching adults get frustrated with the VERY technical clues (I wouldn't have found my present if I relied on figuring out the clues - I'm the worst cryptical and general knowledge person you will come across!).


Do you have any wonderful Christmas traditions you would love to share?  Any recipes for gift giving or great DIY crafts?  I need to start planning for next year (insert laugh/cry emoji face).  


Adrian Munro - Owner Wild & Whimsical Things