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Oli & Carol back in stock!


We have just picked up our Oli & Carol shipment and will be unpacking them this weekend and restocking the website.  We are hoping to have them all up on the site by Monday morning 17/08/15 at 8 a.m. (AEST). 


If you are not familiar with the brand or wondering what all the fuss is about - have a look at our blog post on the Oli & Carol range of natural rubber bath toys here.


The ducks and boats went very quickly last time, so we ordered a couple more boxes.  I will warn you though, they were very popular last time and I have had a few enquiries about them, so you will need to have fast fingers ;)


If you happen to miss out with this new restock, don't worry, we plan on making another order in September, so send us an email and we can try and add your requests to our order.  Just click the Contact Us link at the top of this page and let us know what you were hoping to get.


We also wanted to let you know that there will also be some new ducks on the block (we didn't have these in our first order).  The small polka dot ducks will also be uploaded when we restock the site!


Oli & Carol small polka dot ducks | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au 


Have you purchased some Oli & Carol goodness from us in our first order?  We would love to see your little ones playing with them - just tag us on Instagram using #wildandwhimsicalthings or tag Wild and Whimsical Things on Facebook.


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Bath Toys from Oli & Carol | Wild and Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


We have been keeping a big secret over here at Wild & Whimsical Things - the arrival of the amazing rubber toys from Oli & Carol.


They are finally here and we are so excited about it!


Oli & Carol is the brilliant creation from two young sisters - Olimpia and Carolina from Barcelona, who wanted to make a fun and happy range for kids.  You can read more about the brand and see the range <here>.


Oli & Carol range of rubber toys | Wild and Whimsical Things Blog www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au/blogs


These toys are just lovely with their natural rubber and that they don't contain any holes, making them perfect for the bath.   There is no need to worry about creating mould build up (or your little ones drinking mouldy water from bath toys)!  They're also perfect for younger babies - safe to have a chew on as they are made from non toxic materials (natural rubber from the Hevea tree) and coloured with food safe dyes.  


Oli & Carol rubber toys | Wild & Whimsical Things Blog www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au/blogs


The whole range from Oli & Carol help to stimulate a range of developmental skills including sensory skills with their bright colours, bouncy and textured material and because they are safe to chew on, they are perfect for stimulating the sensory receptors in your baby's mouth.  Development of your baby's fine motor skills occurs when practicing bringing the toys to the mouth and chewing on them (moving the tongue and lips around is a fine motor skill, as is the coordinated movement of the hands and fingers), and moving the toys around in their hands and between the hands.  Older children will further develop their fine motor skills when building with the shapes or engaging in imaginary play with any of the toys.


Development of gross motor skills are encouraged with this range such as kicking, rolling, throwing and catching the world ball or swimming around the bath and pool to chase after the duckies and other bath toys.  You can read more about the different types of skills that your child can develop with these toys in the 'Skill Development' tab for each product.


Oli & Carol rubber toys | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au/blogs    Oli & Carol rubber toys | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au/blogs


We have a feeling this range will be snapped up pretty quickly, so don't delay and head over to the shop to get one in your hot little hands now.  You can find the whole range <here>.  


If you missed out on getting what you wanted, just send us and email and we can let you know when we anticipate a restock and place a pre order if you wanted.  You can contact us <here>.