Happy Easter + a Colouring In Page 2


Wild & Whimsical Things wishes you all a Happy Easter - may your bellies be full of chocolate and your little ones make magical childhood memories.


Wild & Whimsical Things Easter Colouring In Page Download | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


The store will be open over the Holiday period, but we will be away from the backend of the store from the 29th of March until the 3rd of April.  Any orders made during this time will be dispatched starting from the 4th of April.  Please let us know if anything is urgent and I will try my hardest to get it out to you ASAP on the 4th of April.  


To say thank you for following our journey so far, here is a colouring in download with an Easter theme.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Please remember to tag us and share your colour in projects on Instagram or Facebook.  Over on Instagram, we are using the #wildandwhimsicalthings hashtag.  


Click on the download <here>.


* If you are looking for some great colouring in pencils for you or the kids - please check out the Lyra Pencils here.



Letter 'B' Colouring In Page 2

Here it is, a week late!  But I have finally finished it and I must say, I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  


I had mentioned in the last Alphabet Colour In series that I was going to aim for a fortnightly post, and I was on track...until my daughter past on her nasty germs and well, I needed some rest.  Now I am feeling back on the road to recovery.


So I present to you, the letter 'B'.


Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In series - Letter 'B' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au 

This letter was inspired by a few little things in our shop that start with the letter 'B', including some new goodies that will be arriving soon!  I always like to add a touch of nature as well (and anything else that tickles my fancy).  


My daughter had to 'help' me out a little once she saw it - and now we have to pop it up on the fridge.

Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In series - Letter 'B' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au

Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In series - Letter 'B' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au



Click on the the link to start downloading your colouring in page (PDF document):  Letter 'B' Colouring In Page.


I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you have any feedback about the series - have you downloaded any yet?  Do you want to continue seeing this as a regular thing?


Pencils - Lyra unlaquered Colour Giants Nature 18pk.


Adrian Munro


Letter 'A' Colouring In Page 0

When I think back through to my childhood, I have so many fond memories of playing with toys and creating and imagining magical worlds.  


One of my favourite memories was when I would pull out a beautiful pack of 72 Derwent pencils and a new colouring in book and colour in.  I honestly thought I was THE best person at colouring in (and I may have won a couple of school prizes for it too).  I loved picking out a perfectly white and crisp page with beautiful images of princesses, animals or other cartoons - I was quite particular about staying in the lines.  I vividly remember lying down on the ground colouring in with my mum and getting quite upset that hers was perfect and I had gone slightly out of the lines, but hey, I was only 4 at the time.  


Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In Series - Letter 'A' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au



I have been thinking more about what I can offer you at Wild & Whimsical Things that will make your experience here that extra bit special.  I arrived at the decision of sharing my creativity and my joy for bringing back things that remind you of your childhood and something that you can indulge in with your children for a bit of family time.  


So I am going to try for a fortnightly post here (a sneak peek over on Facebook first, so make sure you follow us there!) with a special downloadable colouring in page.  I am going to start with an alphabet book, where you can download each letter and put them together when I am all done to create a little book.  To start with, I am beginning with the letter 'A'.  


Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In Series - Letter 'A' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In - Letter 'A' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


You can download our first letter by clicking the link:  Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In - 'A'.


If I am travelling well with my plan (and mama life and my moonlighting as a Physiotherapist during the day doesn't get in the way), I will look at trying to make it a weekly event, with additions of special pages for days of celebrations (Valentine's Day, I'm looking at you next!).  


What do you think of this plan?  Would you like to see more of these in this space?  


**Please note that these pages are for personal use only.  Do not reproduce for sale or copy as your own.  If you would like to share this download, go for it, but please link back to this post**


Adrian Munro

Wild & Whimsical Things - Happy Australia Day 36

Happy Australia Day 

I feel very grateful that I have been born into this beautiful country, to have so much freedom in my life to choose to do the things that make me happy and not out of obligation.  Part of this freedom is being able to run this little business and without everyones support through our social media channels and also by purchasing here online, I wouldn't be able to do this for our little family.  So thank you!


To say thanks, I have made a free download of a colouring in page of things that remind me of an Australian summer - the perfect things to add to your Australia Day celebrations.  


Click the link to start your download > Wild & Whimsical Things Australia Day Colour In <


Wild & Whimsical Things Australia Day Colour In Page - www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au