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Wild & Whimsical Things on Holiday



We are heading off on a short break - it is trade show time in Sydney and we are hoping to find some new goodies for the store, but that means we can't be packing and shipping orders during this time. 


You can still place your orders online, but we won't be fulfilling any orders made after the 14th of February until the 28th of February.  If you order is urgent, please make a comment and we will see what we can do to hurry it along once we get back. 


We will still be answering all email enquiries (or you can message us or give us a call if you need to speak to someone in person), so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Letter 'A' Colouring In Page 0

When I think back through to my childhood, I have so many fond memories of playing with toys and creating and imagining magical worlds.  


One of my favourite memories was when I would pull out a beautiful pack of 72 Derwent pencils and a new colouring in book and colour in.  I honestly thought I was THE best person at colouring in (and I may have won a couple of school prizes for it too).  I loved picking out a perfectly white and crisp page with beautiful images of princesses, animals or other cartoons - I was quite particular about staying in the lines.  I vividly remember lying down on the ground colouring in with my mum and getting quite upset that hers was perfect and I had gone slightly out of the lines, but hey, I was only 4 at the time.  


Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In Series - Letter 'A' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au



I have been thinking more about what I can offer you at Wild & Whimsical Things that will make your experience here that extra bit special.  I arrived at the decision of sharing my creativity and my joy for bringing back things that remind you of your childhood and something that you can indulge in with your children for a bit of family time.  


So I am going to try for a fortnightly post here (a sneak peek over on Facebook first, so make sure you follow us there!) with a special downloadable colouring in page.  I am going to start with an alphabet book, where you can download each letter and put them together when I am all done to create a little book.  To start with, I am beginning with the letter 'A'.  


Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In Series - Letter 'A' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In - Letter 'A' | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


You can download our first letter by clicking the link:  Wild & Whimsical Things Alphabet Colour In - 'A'.


If I am travelling well with my plan (and mama life and my moonlighting as a Physiotherapist during the day doesn't get in the way), I will look at trying to make it a weekly event, with additions of special pages for days of celebrations (Valentine's Day, I'm looking at you next!).  


What do you think of this plan?  Would you like to see more of these in this space?  


**Please note that these pages are for personal use only.  Do not reproduce for sale or copy as your own.  If you would like to share this download, go for it, but please link back to this post**


Adrian Munro

Wild & Whimsical Things - Happy Australia Day 36

Happy Australia Day 

I feel very grateful that I have been born into this beautiful country, to have so much freedom in my life to choose to do the things that make me happy and not out of obligation.  Part of this freedom is being able to run this little business and without everyones support through our social media channels and also by purchasing here online, I wouldn't be able to do this for our little family.  So thank you!


To say thanks, I have made a free download of a colouring in page of things that remind me of an Australian summer - the perfect things to add to your Australia Day celebrations.  


Click the link to start your download > Wild & Whimsical Things Australia Day Colour In <


Wild & Whimsical Things Australia Day Colour In Page - www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au

Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down: Week 4 2

Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down:  Week 4 | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au

Image by Rebecca - Thirteen Red Shoes


This is the last instalment of our Wild & Whimsical Things Christmas Count Down using the Maileg Pixy Advent calendar.  If you have been following along, I would love to hear from you - I really, really need some recipe inspiration ;)


I just want to take a moment and thank the lovely Rebecca from Thirtheen Red Shoes who took this image of our Pixy House with the mouse tooth fairy.  Thank you Bec, it looks amazing (and saved me when I didn't have time to take an image this week).


5 Days Until Christmas


We are going to be sharing Christmas day with some very lovely friends of ours as we decided not to fly up the coast to where both of our families are this holiday (it is our first Christmas with Wild & Whimsical Things and need to hold down the forte for the crazy season).  


Penny Pixy is going to leave some pretty paper and some instructions on how to make some Bon Bons to use at lunch time with some cute little gifts for our girls and some yummy chocolates for the adults (I hope you're not reading this Shannon).  


Here is some inspiration I found on Pinterest:


Mr Printables Christmas Faces Crackers

This one is from Mr Printables - one of the best websites for crafty paper projects.  The link to these cute crackers is here.


Oh Happy Day Christmas Crackers DIY

These pretty ones are from Oh Happy Day, which literally makes me happy every time I visit this blog.  So many pretty and colourful things.  You can find the tutorial for these here.


4 Days Until Christmas


Little Penny Pixy wants Eloise to start a new family tradition - we sort of did it last year, but this year will be the offical start.  She is going to leave a very special ornament for Eloise to keep and put away safely in a little box until she is a big girl.  


I got this idea from the gorgeous Ashley over at Piper and Poppies.  If you haven't already been following along her Instagram account or her blog, you are missing out.  It describes what childhood should be like in photo form.  Can't get enough!  Here Instagram account is @piperandpoppies and you can find her blog here.


3 Days Until Christmas


Penny Pixy has one more Christmas Craft - she wants my daughter to try and make some salt dough Christmas ornaments to give out on Christmas day to her little friend and their family.  Pinterest is flooding my feed with all of these beautiful DIYs, but do you have any good tried and recommended recipes?  I can completely see our effort being one of those 'Nailed It' memes!


2 Days until Christmas


Penny Pixy will leave a note for my daughter to head to a very special event tonight - the rehearsals for the Carols by Candlelight event.  Has anyone been in previous years?  Any tips on what time we should try and nab a picnic spot and what we should bring for comfort?  Last time I went to the Myer music bowl to watch a free ballet event, my legs went numb from sitting on the hard ground for so long.


1 Day until Christmas!


Another tradition that we have started since my daughter was born, is giving new Christmas pyjamas, which have always been a pair of G.Nancy star pjs.  So Penny pixy will be leaving a wrapped up pair of the pink ones we managed to score before they sold out.  You can see some of their other great range here.


g.nancy rose star shortie pjs


Christmas Day

Penny Pixy has left a little note to let my daughter know where her present from Santa is, in a cryptic message (that 2 year will hopefully understand).  


My husband's family had a tradition where their Santa present was hidden somewhere and they had to collect clues along the way to find out the final hiding spot.  They did this up until 8 years ago!  It was pretty funny watching adults get frustrated with the VERY technical clues (I wouldn't have found my present if I relied on figuring out the clues - I'm the worst cryptical and general knowledge person you will come across!).


Do you have any wonderful Christmas traditions you would love to share?  Any recipes for gift giving or great DIY crafts?  I need to start planning for next year (insert laugh/cry emoji face).  


Adrian Munro - Owner Wild & Whimsical Things

Oli & Carol Natural Rubber Toys Restock 0

Oli & Carol collection

Oli & Carol back in stock!


We have just picked up our Oli & Carol shipment and will be unpacking them this weekend and restocking the website.  We are hoping to have them all up on the site by Monday morning 17/08/15 at 8 a.m. (AEST). 


If you are not familiar with the brand or wondering what all the fuss is about - have a look at our blog post on the Oli & Carol range of natural rubber bath toys here.


The ducks and boats went very quickly last time, so we ordered a couple more boxes.  I will warn you though, they were very popular last time and I have had a few enquiries about them, so you will need to have fast fingers ;)


If you happen to miss out with this new restock, don't worry, we plan on making another order in September, so send us an email and we can try and add your requests to our order.  Just click the Contact Us link at the top of this page and let us know what you were hoping to get.


We also wanted to let you know that there will also be some new ducks on the block (we didn't have these in our first order).  The small polka dot ducks will also be uploaded when we restock the site!


Oli & Carol small polka dot ducks | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au 


Have you purchased some Oli & Carol goodness from us in our first order?  We would love to see your little ones playing with them - just tag us on Instagram using #wildandwhimsicalthings or tag Wild and Whimsical Things on Facebook.


Adrian Munro