We are planning a winter escape...to Paris!


We are planning a winter escape from Melbourne and heading all the way over to Paris.  It's part holiday, part business trip and we are all so excited.  


Winter Holiday Escape


As Wild & Whimsical Things is a one woman show and there are no other helpers behind the scenes, this means the shop will be on a little break with dispatching orders.  I will still be leaving the shop open, so you can peruse our range (or if you wanted to secure an item for when we get back).  


Any orders that are placed after the 23rd of August won't be shipped until the week beginning the 17th of September.  Please be aware that if you have a customised order, your order will need to be in prior to the 23rd of August to allow time for me to complete this.  Please make a note in the comments box if your order needs to be priorised once we start shipping again.


Ok, business talk over, this post is also to get as many tips as I can for travelling with a 5-year-old on long-haul flights and taking in all that Paris and London can offer.  


We head to London first, flying out on a midnight flight, my planning anticipates that Eloise will be totally exhausted because she will be at childcare all day before we go (and Mr Wild & Whimsical Things and I have work that day too!).  But I'm also going to have a few options on hand in case things don't go as planned and she doesn't end up passing out once we hit the plane.  


I plan on taking the iPad loaded with some shows to get us through until we board the plane, have a list of snacks piling up, have a list of travel toys to pack (which I will do my best at sharing over on Instagram and hopefully a post here too!).  I also just finished making an artist roll to carry all the arts and crafts materials we can on the plane to keep her amused for a few more hours.  


Wild & Whimsical Things Winter Holiday


Once we get to London, we only have 2 days to explore.  I have compiled a list of things I definitely want to do:

  • visit Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, in particular, the Diana Memorial park and hopefully if the weather is nice, a picnic lunch.  
  • a stop at Liberty London...because all the pretty fabric!  And all the other pretty things they have in store.  
  • a ride on the London Eye - it's a gift for Eloise's birthday recently.  
  • a look around Hamleys toy shop
  • hopefully a museum...not sure what one yet though!


Next, we will hop on the Eurostar and head to Paris.  The list of things to do in Paris is more of an experience type list.  There are of course a few major stops that we just can't miss. 


Wild & Whimsical Things Winter Holiday


climb up the Eiffle tower (yes, we are planning to climb, with a 5-year-old!).  We walk everywhere and I think she is up for the challenge, plus, we plan on taking it super slow and a nutella crepe on the way out.  

  • hot chocolate from Angelina 
  • baguettes, croissants and chocolate brioche for breakfast
  • Centre Pompidou
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • find your own adventure day (with each street, we will take turns on deciding to go right or left and see where it takes us), taking photos of all the pretty Paris doors and architecture along the way.  
  • visit Smallable 
  • visit Versaille 
  • have a picnic lunch in a pretty park
  • stroll around Tuileries Gardens
  • ride on a traditional merry go round
  • visit some art shops
  • read some books (I would love some suggestions)
  • head to a park and paint to my heart's content
  • to work on painting skills
  • eat as much cheese as I can and match it with some wine!
  • visiting Maison Objet - where hopefully we can find something special to bring back to the shop


So I would love anybody else's suggestions - tips for long-haul flights, places to see and most importantly, eat!  Because we are a huge foodie family.  I would also love for you all to follow along on our adventures, I will be sharing our journey on Instagram, so come on over and follow us if you don't already.  


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