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We are Taking a Short Break - Online Orders Still Open 9

Wild & Whimsical Things on Holiday



We are heading off on a short break - it is trade show time in Sydney and we are hoping to find some new goodies for the store, but that means we can't be packing and shipping orders during this time. 


You can still place your orders online, but we won't be fulfilling any orders made after the 14th of February until the 28th of February.  If you order is urgent, please make a comment and we will see what we can do to hurry it along once we get back. 


We will still be answering all email enquiries (or you can message us or give us a call if you need to speak to someone in person), so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day DIY Banner 0

Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day Banner


If you are looking for a fun and quick activity to do with your little ones (or just by yourself), we have created a little DIY Valentine's Day banner.  You won't need very many supplies and most people will have these things lying around the house.  


Wild & Whimsical Things DIY Valentine's Day Banner


What you need:

  • Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day DIY Banner download.

Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day DIY Banner Download Link

  • Printer and paper or cardstock.  We just used some regular old printer paper.  You could use cardstock if you are looking for something to last a little longer.  
  • Colour pencils, textas or crayons.  Or you can just leave them blank, going for the monochrome look ;)
  • Scissors - make sure an adult is supervising if younger ones are going to give this ago.  There are some tricky shapes in this, so it might be suited to those that well and truly know their way around using scissors.  
  • Sticky tape
  • String.  We had some leftover from Christmas, but try and reuse some old string you might have or raid your baking twine if you happen to have this.


Wild & Whimsical Things DIY Valentine's Day Banner


Once you have coloured it all in, or if you are leaving it blank, cut out all of the shapes. 


Wild & Whimsical Things DIY Valentine's Day Banner


Arrange the heart shapes in a line, placing them in the order you want to hang them and space them out evenly (we used about a two finger width between ours).  Once you are happy with your arrangement, turn them all face down.  Take your piece of string and measure it along the line of heart shapes, ensuring you have left enough string at each end to hang it up.  Pop a little bit of sticky tape over the back of the shape to secure the string in place.  


Done!  A pretty string of hearts.  


We have done about seven of these so far and will be sending them off to friends (or according to my daughter, just to hang on to them here and 'play' with them).  If you are feeling really crafty, you could also print it onto a sticker sheet and create your own stickers!  


Wild & Whimsical Things DIY Valentine's Day Banner


We would love to know if you enjoyed this download or if you happen to share your pieces online, please tag us and use the #wwtartsandcrafts hashtag so we can see where they all end up :)


P.S. We will be sending a little Valentine's Day card download to all of our Newsletter subscribers soon, so if you're not on our list yet and you would love to see some more craft stuff from us, pop down to the bottom of our page and sign up. 


  • Adrian Munro

We love LOVE - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for your Littlest Love 0

Wild & Whimsical Things Valentine's Day 2017 Gift Ideas


Valentine's Day is fast approaching...I'm pretty sure I was just wrapping Christmas Gifts yesterday but turns out that the days have moved on a lot quicker than that!


I spoke about why we have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day in our house here.



We have been crafting up a storm in our house this past week, preparing for a love filled day by spreading the love to our friends and family.  We will share some of the craft ideas we have tried out as well as some special downloads for you to try at home later this week.  While we craft, I encourage discussions about our friends and family and try to stimulate some thoughts about why we value them and provide some meaning behind our gift giving. 


If your family celebrates this love filled day in a similar way to ours, we have some special gift idea suggestions ranging from cute little metal tins that you can fill with lots of crafty goodies, special treats or tiny treasures. 


1.  A special collaboration with Polka Dot Club and Misha and Puff, this Persimmon Cuddling Rabbit is the perfect shade of red.  This really is a special piece that will become a treasured heirloom in years to come. 


2.  Any of our Hazel Village animals can be personalised with the addition of a hand embroidered monogram - we embroider a heart and up to three letters in the colours of your choice to make a beautiful, customised gift.


3.  These Sweetheart Tin Boxes are great for storing little treats - I could imagine some chocolates in these. 


4.  Some children like the hold something close, a little friend to provide support and unconditional love when they are feeling out of their depths with their emotions or in an unfamiliar situation.  This little My Rabbit is the perfect size to provide a bit of a cuddle and pop into a pocket to keep them feeling safe and a reminder they are loved.


5.  These Metal tins come in a pack of 2 and are the perfect size for storing little treasures, hair accessories or yummy treats.  I can't go past those adorable piggies, but my daughter has her eyes on the bunny ones. 


6.  These pretty little butterfly hair clips come in the perfect shade of deep red.  Not only are they cute to pop in the hair, they have also stimulated some imaginary play games here in our house.  The detail on these ones is amazing, not to mention that beautiful velvet fabric.


If you were wanting some more ideas - we have plenty over at our Valentine's Day Collection.  


We will be travelling on Valentine's Day, but my daughter will be opening up the bunny tins that will have this adorable little hedgehog inside one and chocolates in the other to keep her amused on the plane ride. 


I know our tins will get filled with lots of treasures around the house and become part of a favourite game of our daughter's called 'It's your birthday' where we all receive a special gift (usually a toy she owns) wrapped in a blanket, towel, shoved into a box or anything that resembles these items.   


I would love to know if you celebrate Valentine's Day in your family. 


Do you do a family adventure?  Try to keep it to the grown ups?  Are there any special gifts you have your eye on for yourself (I want to get some ideas to wave past the husband's eyes ;) ). 

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Letter 'C' Colouring In Page 0

Letter 'C' Colour In Page | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


I hope you all had a lovely Easter break - I know we sure did!  


I headed up to Brisbane (where both sets of grandparents live, along with some great friends) and it was a great little break.  As I don't have family close by, I miss out on 'free' babysitting offers, so often have to get as much done as I possibly can during nap times - it usually isn't much time though!  So half of the sketches for this colour in page had been sitting around on my desk waiting to be scanned and to finish off.  


Thanks to the extra time I had on my hands with my 2.5 year old being thoroughly entertained by building new cabinetry on the back of a ute with my Dad, I was able to finish this one off.  Now back to reality and I am sneaking this in while naps are happening!


To anyone who helped out with some suggestions on Instagram for finishing this one off - thank you, I went with a crown and camera.  But please feel free to add your own drawings of clouds and crayons in the little spaces, I strongly encourage the use of some imagination when filling in these pages.


Letter 'C' Colour In Page | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


The download to the Letter 'C' Colour In Page click <here>.  


If you happen to take a snap of your finished page (or even while you are colouring it in), I would love it if you could share it with us - just tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the #wildandwhimsicalthingsartsandcrafts.


Letter 'C' Colour In Page | Wild & Whimsical Things www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au





  • Adrian Munro

Happy Easter + a Colouring In Page 2


Wild & Whimsical Things wishes you all a Happy Easter - may your bellies be full of chocolate and your little ones make magical childhood memories.


Wild & Whimsical Things Easter Colouring In Page Download | www.wildandwhimsicalthings.com.au


The store will be open over the Holiday period, but we will be away from the backend of the store from the 29th of March until the 3rd of April.  Any orders made during this time will be dispatched starting from the 4th of April.  Please let us know if anything is urgent and I will try my hardest to get it out to you ASAP on the 4th of April.  


To say thank you for following our journey so far, here is a colouring in download with an Easter theme.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Please remember to tag us and share your colour in projects on Instagram or Facebook.  Over on Instagram, we are using the #wildandwhimsicalthings hashtag.  


Click on the download <here>.


* If you are looking for some great colouring in pencils for you or the kids - please check out the Lyra Pencils here.