Nawaro 6 pack Wax Gnome Crayons by ökoNORM

Product Description

Product Description


The Nawaro wax crayons are made with children in mind - their shape and natural, non-toxic materials provide the perfect tool for little hands that are trying to master the basic skills of creating masterpieces. 


The thicker shape of the crayon and the make up of the wax crayons mean that little hands are able to hold them more easily and produce beautiful colours on the page with little effort.  The shorter ‘wax gnomes’ are great for first crayons and the standard sized wax crayons are great for older children (and adults).  The colours glide onto the page easily and with more pressure, a more brilliant colour is achieved.  You can even layer colours on top of each other to produce a wider variety of colours and create different textures that add depth to your art pieces.


Unlike a lot of other brands of wax crayons that use a high percentage of paraffin wax (a petroleum oil derivative), Nawaro make their crayons with stearin derived from palm oil which has been harvested by selected local smallholders who cultivate their palm trees organically and sustainably.  This conserves the habitat of endangered species. 


Both the standard and gnome sized wax crayons come in a variety of colours including a 6 pack and 12 pack, which is perfect for stimulating children’s imagination and allowing them to create with the rainbow.


*A slight white sheen on the wax crayons is nothing to worry about, it is simply proof of their quality as it indicates a high beeswax content.


WARNING:  Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults in case a small part of the crayon breaks off and poses a choking hazard.


Non Toxic Materials

Fine Motor skills  Emotional skills  Communication skills  Thinking & Problem solving skills (please see tab below for icon key)


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Product Materials & Care Instructions


Made in Germany by okoNORM


Each gnome crayon is approximately 6cm in length and 1.4cm diameter.  The 6 pack colours include - red, yellow, green, blue, brown and black.



  • Organic palm stearins from selected local small holders who cultivate their palm trees organically and sustainably.
  • More than 25% pure beeswax, plant-derived waxes, purified champagne chalk, lanolin, silica, high food colouring content, earth and mineral pigments, stabilised with selected organic pigments of the type also used for cosmetic products.
  • The wax crayons are gluten-free. 


The 6 pack of gnome wax crayons come packaged up in a little cardboard box which can be reused to store them away.  


CE certified

About ökoNORM


Nawaro crayons are produced by a small and innovative company - ökoNORM who are committed to the people and environment.  The company was founded in 1989 in Frankfurt/Main by Ellen Schahn and Albert Krohn who are activists in protecting our environment, citizens’ initiatives and socio-politically.  They wanted to produce meaningful products which reduce the harm on the environment and its people as much as possible. 


They make a range of art products that are made from renewable raw materials which have won the ‘Spiel gut’ seal awards including finger paints, crayons, soft clay, water colours, egg-dyeing and much more. 


We have looked high and low for the perfect crayons that meet our standards of being environmentally friendly, non toxic for kids to use (and if there is an accidental nibble), but produce beautiful, quality colour and enhance children’s fine motor skills. 


All the crayons from this range have a thicker diameter, which makes them easier to hold and the colours glide onto the paper with very little effort - this is great for children learning the basic skills of drawing (or scribbling).  We also love the packaging for the pastels and the wooden box for the crayons because it helps to keep them from getting lost and broken, extending the life and use of the crayons.

Development of Skills


Fine Motor skills  Emotional skills  Communication skills  Thinking & Problem solving skills

(please see tab below for icon key)


The Nawaro range can help build:

  • Fine Motor control:  when drawing and painting children need to develop more coordinated movement of their hands and fingers, develop strength in the muscles of the fingers and hand and build on their hand and eye co ordination.  Nawaro crayons are thicker making them easier to grasp, which helps reduce muscle fatigue and make the coordination of hand/finger movements a little easier.

Art materials like the Nawaro range are also tools to help stimulate creative play.  Creative play can be important in building the following skills:

  • Emotional skills:  creativity is a form of free expression - the ability to make something in response to your own experiences and feelings.  It is important to give children the opportunity to do this without any boundaries or restrictions on what it is they want to create.  Creativity also helps foster and celebrate the uniqueness of each child which is important for developing more confidence within themselves which can translate into improved mental health.
  • Communication skills:  drawing, painting or any form of creative expression is a form of non verbal communication that attempts to show other people your thoughts and feelings.  Children who have difficulty expressing their feelings and thoughts with words may be able to do this better through drawing/painting.
  • Thinking & Problem solving skills:  having the opportunity to be creative with drawing or painting helps the brain process information that children have experienced in the past and make this into a visual form.  It also allows children to try out new ideas and different ways of thinking and problem solving.


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Icon Key

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Fair trade - products that have been produced in factories/workshop/communities that have fair and safe working conditions

Environmentally friendly - products have been produced using environmentally friendly materials and/or have made significant modifications to the production/manufacturing process to minimise the impact on the environment

Organic materials - products that are either 100% organic materials or predominately made from organic materials - we will include in the product information all the organic materials.

Recycled materials - product is predominately made up of recycled materials - we will include in the product information all of the product parts that contain recycled materials

Non toxic materials - products made entirely of non toxic materials - we will ensure all ingredients/product materials are included in the product description tabs and the safety requirements they meet (e.g. FDA safety)

Not for under 3 - products contain small materials which are not safe for children under 3 years of age.  These products are not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Australian made - products that are made within Australia. 

Fine motor skills - toys carrying this icon can be helpful in developing fine motor skills - the co ordination of the muscles within the fingers, hand and arm that help to manipulate and control objects/tools/materials.

Gross motor skills - toys carrying this icon can be helpful to develop gross motor skills - the the co ordination of the large muscles within the legs, arms or whole body and help us move (e.g. running, jumping, climbing, balancing and physical activity)

Communication skills - toys carrying this icon can be helpful in developing verbal and non verbal communication skills (ability to read, write, speak, gestures and use of facial expressions).  It is also about developing social relationships with friends and family.

Emotional skills - toys carrying this icon can be helpful in developing the ability for children to express their thoughts and feelings and recognise these feelings themselves.  Once children are able to recognise these feelings, it is also important for them to learn the appropriate way to respond to them (e.g. not ok to hit when angry).  It is also about developing confidence, self reliance and independence that all lead to better mental health.

Sensory skills - toys carrying this icon can be helpful in developing the sensory system - taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight and the movement based senses - proprioception (in our joints/muscles that lets us know if our body parts are straight or bent) and vestibular (helps keep our balance).

Thinking and problem solving skills - toys carrying this icon can be helpful in developing the way the brain processes more complex information and then how it responds to this information to help build things like intelligence, memory, creative thinking, imaginative thinking and the ability to complete daily tasks that allow us to function in a community.


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