About Us

Inspiring your little one to play, explore, create & imagine.

Wild & Whimsical Things is an online boutique toy store based in Melbourne, Australia. Here you will find a wide range of beautiful heirloom-quality toys that encourage imaginative play.
I’m Adrian, the creator and owner of Wild & Whimsical Things, and I love the joy that open-ended play brings to children. My aim is to encourage families to enrich their children’s lives with tools that help them learn and grow as well as to provide families with beautiful playthings that are so fun that they won’t be able to resist joining in. With a penchant for beautiful things, nostalgic stories and make-believe, I want to empower parents to create fun and happy childhood memories for their children through play.
Portrait of Adrian by Oh Baby Bird Illustrations

 (this is me illustrated by the beautiful Oh Baby Bird Illustration Co.)


Thanks to my background as a paediatric therapist, I’m passionate about supporting children in their need to play. Play-based learning helps to stimulate a wide range of skills, including gross motor skills, fine motor skills, communication skills and emotional skills, and it stimulates the senses and promotes thinking and problem-solving. By regularly exposing children to both structured and unstructured play, you are building on their ability to develop skills that will enable them to be confident and capable adults.  You can find out more about the values at the heart of my brand here.


More than being just things to entertain, toys can engage the senses and encourage children to flex their creativity and imagination. That’s why I’m mindful of finding pieces that allow your little ones to explore and play freely rather than restrict them to one use. And to help you find the right toys, each item description includes the skills it helps to develop and you can shop by skill development level and age range.


Browse the collection, and find something magical that will delight your kids and you for years to come.