Nature Journal by Nicole Berlach

Product Description

Product Description


The Nature Journal by Nicole Berlach is a beautifully illustrated journal to help grow observation and appreciation of the environment around use.  Use as a family or encourage older children to use their own to explore patterns through the seasons and get to know the local flora and fauna.


The Nature Journal is A5 in size and has 19 double page spread with spaces to jot down notes for location, plants and flowers, seedpods, insects, reptiles, birds, animals and the weather on the days you go exploring.  There is an introduction page and a 'how to' on the last page to show you how you could use the journal.  


They would make a beautiful gift paired with some quality Lyra pencils for you little nature explorer.


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Product Materials & Care Instructions


Made in Australia - manufactured by local small business owners.  


Each journal has a beautifully illustrated cover made from recycled Kraft card and printed with water based inks.  The pages have a rough texture similar to watercolour paper and the binding is stitched with thread.  


The journals measure 14.5cm x 21cm.   The Nature Journal has 19 double pages with prompts to record location, plants and flowers, seedpods, insects, reptiles, birds, animals and the weather.

About Nicole Berlach


Nicole Berlach is the beautiful artist and creator behind the nature and botanical journals.  


Nicole is a fellow Australian and studied a Bachelor of Natural History Illustration and creates amazing scientific illustrations and watercolours across lots of different mediums including paper, linen and timber.  Her works have earned her many awards, including first place in the Australian Entomological Illustration Award and have been published in works abroad.  


We love Nicole's work because of her focus on nature, particularly our local floral and fauna here in Australia and how she encourages little ones to stop and observe the beauty around them.  To get out in nature, explore, observe, investigate.  Find out where plants and animals come from and use many skills to describe the things they are seeing in both visual and written form.  


Being aware of our environment is a great start in teaching children about the effects we have on nature and being mindful to ensure we still have these beautiful things around us in the future to enjoy.

Development of Skills

There are many skills to be gained when using these nature journals:

  • Communication Skills:  encouraging children to describe what they are seeing is a great way to practice communication and further develop their vocabulary.  When using the nature or botanical journals, encourage younger children to describe verbally what they are seeing and get them to translate this into images on the page.  Older children can then turn these verbal descriptions into words on the page. 
  • Gross Motor Skills:  while you are outside exploring nature, encourage a wide variety of gross motor skills to collect bits and pieces for your journal.  Climbing over rocks, jumping down from low-lying tree branches, reaching up tall to collect a leaf or seed pod.  Go on a hike to explore your local nature areas.  
  • Fine Motor Skills:  these journals encourage children to fill out the pages with drawings or paintings describing what they see.  Younger children may want to trace items or you could sketch the images and encourage them to add colour to the pictures.  If you have collected fallen leaves or flowers, they could glue or tape them to the pages.  
  • Sensory Skills:  nature is the worlds own playground.  Filled with so many beautiful colours, sounds, smells, textures and depending on where you head off to, there may be some yummy treats to taste.  Encourage little ones to feel the ground beneath them with bare feet - feel the grass, the rocks, the sand, the crunch leaves.  Pick up hand fulls of dirt or mud and let them explore the textures.  For younger children, describe what you see - the colours, what you can hear. 
  • Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills:  when you go exploring out in nature, there are so many opportunities for children to use their thinking and problem-solving skills.  Describing what they see, hear and feel around them takes brain power to turn a sense into a word and also helps to expand their vocabulary.  Encourage children to problem solve to get objects that might be up high, down low or obscured by something else.  Turn the exploring into a game and describe an object and get them to find it based on your description.  



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Thinking and problem solving skills - toys carrying this icon can be helpful in developing the way the brain processes more complex information and then how it responds to this information to help build things like intelligence, memory, creative thinking, imaginative thinking and the ability to complete daily tasks that allow us to function in a community.


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